Green Carpeting

Green Carpeting. Not many have ever heard of this revolutionary product. Usually when a person concerned with Global Warming asks, "What can I do to prevent Global Warming?" the usual response follows, "Recycle your bottles! and "Use less electricity!" 23 year old entrepreneurs Emily Kreuz and Bhaskar Biswas are leading the way by introducing a revolutionary new idea to be more environmentally friendly. Purchasing "Green Carpeting".

"With every 7 yards of Green Carpet purchased from us, it saves a gallon of gasoline," Emily protests.

That's because their carpet is manufactured with glucose derived from CORN, decreasing natural gas and oil usage by 37%. Additionally, 100% of the carpet fibers are made from recycled plastic pop bottles.

"Over 3 BILLION plastic bottles are recycled into carpet annually. That's a lot of recycling! It's pretty exciting and empowering to know that you are a part of that," Emily says smiling.

"Most people think it's going to FEEL like plastic. But it doesn't. It's soft, like a pillow! Our customers are always surprised by the actual feel of our Green Carpet," says Bhaskar.

"Bhaskar and I are also personal believers of the 'Whole Living' Philosophy. For us it doesn't stop with our carpet. We like to bring home the Go Green ideas to our household and daily lives.

We use electric forklifts instead of gas powered ones-no toxic fumes are emitted. Our carpet cutter is powered by air so there's little to no electricity being used for that," Emily explains proudly.

"Our thermostat is programmed to turn on and off at programmed times so that energy is never being wasted. It's genius!" Bhaskar laughs.

These kids have really got the Go Green idea down pat! It is really impressive. It is not just their Green Company, but also their business skills and knowledge that they exuded.

"We are the kind of people who never want to hear the words 'NO' or impossible. We want to show people that the impossible IS possible. Not just by being young entrepreneurs with our business, but also with the new innovations of our carpet. No one has ever heard of this before and we really want to get the word out to people, because they really need to know about this product and how amazing it is," Emily says.

"Global Warming is a scary thing and we want to help ease peoples' minds about it by increasing awareness for other undiscovered, underrated things out there. There is plenty everyone can do to prevent it from happening," Emily responds passionately.

Source: Central Ohio Flooring Liquidators

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