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Putting That Greedy Fixture on a Water Diet

On average, Americans use 100 gallons of water each day -- enough to fill 1,600 drinking glasses. This increased demand has put additional stress on water supplies and distribution systems.

"There's a reason why water has become a U.S. national priority," said Lenora Campos, spokesperson for TOTO USA. "A recent Government Accountability Survey showed at least 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages by 2013. By effecting sustainable water practices across the continent today, we can help preserve water supplies for future generations -- and save money."

Installing 1.28 gpf high-efficiency toilets is a great way to make a local difference that can have a global effect. With this one home improvement, a family of four will save an estimated 68 gallons of water each day.

To help the Americans become better water consumers, the EPA has instituted the WaterSense labeling program. To qualify for the WaterSense label, a toilet model must be independently certified to consume no more than 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf), effectively remove 350 grams of solid waste with one flush, and resist after-installation tampering to increase its water consumption.

A Green, Clean Beauty

Among its new HET introductions are the elegant one- and two-piece Gwyneth, which revolutionize water-efficient, gravity-fed flushing systems with their 1.28 gpf Double Cyclone Flush Engine.

By marrying bowl cleanliness to exceptional water-efficient flush performance, TOTO has engineered the first HET that delivers unsurpassed performance and cleans itself with every flush.

"This new high-efficiency technology not only provides flushing performance as yet unseen, but also it continually scours the rim and bowl, creating the HET that cleans itself with every flush," said Campos.

To raise the industry-wide bar on high-efficient flushing systems, bringing them into the 21st century, TOTO's engineers reinvented the gravity- fed 1.28 gpf flush engine by creating a green, clean triumvirate - water efficiency, high performance, and bowl cleansing action. First, the primary nozzle fires a high-speed stream of water that scours the rim and initiates the water's Cyclone action. Almost immediately, a second water nozzle fires a second high-speed water jet around the redesigned bowl's concave rim, providing a second rim scour and 360-degrees of rim and bowl cleansing action.

TOTO's redesigned rimless bowl is an essential element in the 1.28 gpf Double Cyclone Flush Engine's power and effectiveness. With TOTO's re-engineered Concave Rim Design, water from the primary and secondary nozzles fires around the concave rim channel, scouring the SanaGloss glazed rim and bowl, removing debris and bacteria with each flush for the first toilet that virtually cleans itself with every flush.

By marrying superior performance to exceptional maintenance, TOTO's new Gwyneth 1.28 gpf high-efficiency toilets with the Double Cyclone flushing technology are an excellent choice for homeowner, architect, and design professional alike.

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