Delta Group Actively Participates in UN Climate Change Conference

Delta Group, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions that is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility, is actively participating in this year's UN Climate Change Conference (COP21).

In addition to CDP's "Commit to Action" initiative, Delta has committed to reducing its electricity intensity by a further 30% by 2020. Delta has also initiated the "Road to Paris" program, a series of events including UN side events, international forums, participation in the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF), and a green building exhibition, to share with the world its climate change adaptation and mitigation strategy via green buildings.

Delta has extended its participation at COP20 in Paris, showcasing the extensive concrete results of its energy-saving measures and green buildings. Delta's management team, including Bruce C.H. Cheng, founder and honorary chairman; Yancey Hai, chairman; Ping Cheng, CEO and Shan-Shan Guo, chief planner for the Road to Paris and CEO of the Delta Electronics Foundation will attend several official forums and side events as speakers and panelists. They will discuss multidimensional topics such as sustainable cities, innovative energy-saving and carbon reduction through green buildings, and share Delta's sustainability strategy as well as actual examples.

Bruce C.H. Cheng, founder and honorary chairman of Delta Group, said at Delta's press conference: "After much scientific research, the world consensus is that mankind has an impact on climate change. Mankind must make a deep commitment to action. Delta's high efficiency power products and solutions enabled electricity savings of 14.8 billion KWh and a reduction in carbon emissions of 7.9 million tons for clients worldwide from 2010 to 2014. This reduction in carbon emissions is even larger than the annual carbon emissions of some countries. Delta has also actively engaged in CDP's "Commit to Action" initiatives. We have reduced our electricity intensity by 50% during the past 5 years and we have committed to an additional 30% reduction in electricity intensity by 2020."

Delta has shared its experience in reducing its environmental footprint, and detailed its future commitments in "Delta's Plan for Action on Climate Change", in response to the objectives of COP21. At the same time, Delta calls on more corporations and individuals around the world to join together to mitigate climate change.

Delta's 21 Green Buildings Take the Stage at Grand Palais, Paris, France

Shan-Shan Guo, Delta's chief planner of the Road to Paris and CEO of the Delta Electronics Foundation said: "Our corporate mission is 'To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.' Delta's business development and corporate social responsibility are based on this core value. Delta has expanded its participation at COP21 in Paris, to showcase the concrete results of our energy-saving measures and green buildings. Through immersive projection, we show the green building story with a "net zero energy library" from Delta's Namasia school at Grand Palais. We want the world to see the efforts of a corporation that promotes sustainable green buildings and environmental education."

"Delta 21 Green Buildings at COP21 Exhibition" will be held from December 4 to 10 at the Grand Palais, Paris, France. When entering Grand Palais, visitors are immediately attracted by a seven meter high theater in the form of a thorn apple flower, which is the shape of the Namasia Ming Chuan Library. In the theater, through Delta's multiple high-lumen digital projectors, a 3D circular immersive projection allows visitors to experience the actual green buildings coupled with the Chinese calligraphy of natural elements that have inspired Delta, and tells the story of Delta's green buildings. The exhibition area next to the theater presents the interior of the library, and shows specific features of Delta's 21 green buildings, including Delta's innovative, energy-efficient technology and the design concept of harmony with nature.

Yancey Hai, Chairman of Delta Electronics, Joins the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF)

In the morning on 7th December, Yancey Hai, chairman of Delta Electronics participated in the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) along with prominent government leaders such as the governor of Hidalgo, Mexico, and top executives of global corporations such as Danfoss and Autodesk. The theme of the forum was "Sustainable Cities: Increasing Efficiency and Transforming Design". Yancey Hai pointed out: "Sustainable Cities is the issue that has attracted the attention of many sectors at COP21 in Paris. Delta has always focused on increasing energy efficiency. Our multidimensional solutions apply to the three main requirements for intelligent city life: Communications, Connectivity and Computing, as well as provide solutions such as high efficiency energy conversion, smart grid, electric vehicle charging, energy storage, energy management and renewable energy, for the city's low-carbon electric infrastructure needs."

Delta has chosen to hold its annual European distributors meeting at the Grand Palais, so channel distributors can better understand Delta's corporate social responsibility and energy-saving commitment. Jackie Chang, general manager of Delta EMEA, remarked: "Delta entered the European market in 1987, and merged and acquired the 100-year old Ascom Energy Systems in 2003, which has strengthened its European position. In 2015 Delta merged and acquired Eltek, which created a synergy of strategy development and competition advantages for both parties, optimizing allocation of resources and complementarity. This has further reinforced Delta Group's global position, which contributes to optimizing customer service quality. Telecom power supplies, industrial automation, and renewable energy are our three main commercial sectors, but at the same time, we are expanding our business to datacenters, smart buildings, smart factories, and custom-made high efficiency power systems, providing more comprehensive solutions. "

At COP21, through various events, Delta is helping international society better understand the importance of energy-saving and reducing the energy consumption of buildings. Delta continues to develop energy-efficient, green energy, and automation technologies, and has contributed to the mitigation and adaptation of global warming through Delta's technological capabilities. Corporate social responsibility has become a crucial element that contributes to Delta's growing brand.


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