Mexican Researchers Convert Internal Combustion Cars to Electric Vehicles to Improve Air Quality

Convert internal combustion cars, which means less economic cost and contribution to a clean environment.

Every year in the world die seven million people due to poor air quality caused by air pollution, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is also estimated that 24 percent of illnesses and 23 percent of deaths can be attributed to environmental factors. Given the situation of pollution, Mexican researchers convert internal combustion cars to electric, which generate economic savings and favor air quality.

Hector Ruiz García, director of the company High Performance Automotive that converts automobiles, explained that it is transforming to electrical non-polluting, using battery of lithium or lead acid connected in series to form banks whose voltage ranges from 48 to 144 volts, same that determine the speed of the car. With this technology the unit runs over 100 kilometers per hour, suitable for urban areas where the regulated maximum is 40 to 80 kilometers, for example in Mexico City.

Another benefit is the cost savings. "For example, we found that with spending 500 pesos a week on gas for an automobile internal combustion engine, with the electric the same amount used but every two months, resulting in a performance equivalent to one hundred kilometers per liter, paying electricity instead of gasoline.

Order to achieve these benefits, what we do is that a compact car with 130 thousand pesos, became electric in a week. We put the engine, controller, batteries, transmission adapter plate, power cables and charger so that people can have a ready to run vehicle”, described Ruiz Garcia, a graduate in Computer Science from the UNAM.

The conversion process begins with the extraction of the internal combustion engine, after adaptation of the electric motor to the old vehicle is designed, then the space that will house the battery bank is drawn, that is equivalent to the gas tank of a car internal combustion.

The transformation to electric cars began in 2011, when Hector Ruiz realized that the conversion was feasible. "Currently the cost of new electric vehicles are not accessible, over half a million pesos, this aroused my desire that society has access to this technology."

After deciding to convert a car to electric, the entrepreneurs deliver the vehicle with a charger, it can be connected to any existing socket; plus advice for registration with the relevant authorities and have permission to circulate daily.

With a lifetime of more than ten years, the mexican company dedicated to the transformation, is located in the State of Mexico and also provides engine maintenance, required for the first 80 thousand kilometers of use.

For now, the technology has already been tested in ten vehicles it, "there is no limitation on the size of the car, only larger, more investment is required, but can make any conversion”, he added.

Also they are in the process of patent registration charger, same that was designed by the team. "The importance of these conversions to electric cars resides in demonstrating that this is a technology available to everyone, our intention is that the vehicle fleet is not increased, but rather existing and obsolete, are reused to generate both economic, social and environmental benefits”, concluded Hector Ruiz Garcia.


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