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Project Urges All to Wash Green

Seventh Generation, the country's leading brand of environmentally safe household and personal care products, has launched a special effort to celebrate and educate on World Environment Day 2008. The company's new Get Out of Hot Water program asks a dirty nation to come clean and get 'green' in the laundry room by taking a pledge to switch to cold water washing - and get a free book on healthy non-toxic cleaning in the process.

Laundering in cold water instead of hot or warm water has a significant positive impact on the environment. With 90% of the energy consumed getting clothes clean used to heat the water washing machines require, the switch to cold water washing saves that energy for another day and lowers the carbon footprint by preventing the release of energy-related greenhouse gases.

Cold water washing also helps consumers “clean-up” where their bank accounts are concerned. The simple act of switching washing machines to “cold” can wring up to a whopping $70 in savings out of annual household energy bills. Best of all, thanks to Seventh Generation’s new 2X Concentrated Laundry Liquids, clothes will never know the difference. Made from safe and natural ingredients, these products are specially formulated to work overtime in cold water. In both high-efficiency and standard machines, they get clothes hot water clean with cold water efficiency.

At the center of the company’s effort is its new Get Out of Hot Water website, which agitates for change by showing consumers how much they can save by switching to cold water. A few simple entries to the site’s Cold Water Calculator, helps display how much energy, money and pollution consumers will save by switching to cold water washing.

Also on the website is a place for consumers to take the company’s Cold Water Pledge. Everyone who signs up and agrees to go cold turkey on hot water washing is eligible to receive a free copy of Naturally Clean, the Seventh Generation Guide to Safe and Healthy Non-Toxic Cleaning, while supplies last. Written by company president Jeffrey Hollender, it’s a full load of useful tips and valuable information that put homes through a healthy spin cycle.

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