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Helping Consumers Find Eco-Friendly, Family-Friendly Products and Services

The Green Registry has taken up the challenge of helping consumers find eco-friendly products on shelves all across America. Their Green Registry Certified Eco-Friendly Seal will soon be popping up on everything from building materials to laundry detergent and computers to coffee houses. But what's unique about the group is their philosophy and focus.

“We’re about families, living well and taking care of the planet; it is truly a reasonable approach. We’re anything but eco-guerrilla extremists…” says CEO John Elef with a smile. “We all have the responsibilities that come with day-to-day living. We go to work, we want clean, comfortable homes and we’ve got to get the kids to school on time. But, it’s not reasonable to drop them off from the back of a bicycle. A lot of what we believe may be viewed as 'out of fashion' to some for not being eco-radical enough, but taking care of the planet can painlessly integrate into the way real families actually function. What’s important is for each of us to start doing what we can.

“Research tells us the overwhelming majority of consumers are clamoring for help finding eco-friendly products. That’s our mission - to help consumers easily identify products that are right for their families and right for the planet. We’re going to demystify the process. You can read labels and ingredients all day and still have no idea if a product is eco-friendly or not. But a product with The Green Registry Seal on the label is one you know you can trust.”

The Green Registry certification standards are designed to direct consumers to new eco-friendly products and services, but the management team is quick to point out that a lot of eco-friendly products have been around for years. People tend not to think of them as eco-friendly simply because they’re familiar. Manufacturers have become more eco-sensitive; partly from a desire to be good corporate citizens, partly because it’s good business to produce the eco-friendly products consumers are demanding.

Expect to see The Green Registry certified eco-friendly seals on products starting late this summer. The timing corresponds with the launch of a very hefty national media campaign; broadcast, print and web, all informing consumers about The Green Registry and urging consumers to look for The Green Registry Seal when they shop.

“Responsible manufacturers,” Elef believes, “should be very interested in becoming members of The Green Registry family of companies. Having The Green Registry Seal on their packages, in their advertising and their point of purchase will be a tremendous advantage to member companies and to their customers alike.”

For information on becoming a Green Registry Member Company or a website preview email: [email protected] or call 480-483-0542 .

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