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AUO Showcases Latest Green Technologies at Display Taiwan 2008

AU Optronics Corp. today unveiled the world's thinnest* 13.3-inch TFT-LCD, the world's lightest* 46-inch TFT-LCD with CCFL backlight, and the world's most power-saving 10.2-inch TFT-LCD. These new, leading-edge green technologies are designed to meet the growing worldwide demand for energy-saving 3C products. AUO will showcase its latest green technologies at Display Taiwan 2008 (June 11-13 in Taipei, Taiwan), together with its novel free form technology and in-cell multi-touch TFT-LCDs. AUO continues to pave the way for the future FPD industry through its green innovations and solutions.

With AUO's exhibition theme of "Experience the Innovation" at Display Taiwan 2008, Dr. LJ Chen, AUO's President and COO, noted, "We have recently announced many exciting technical advances to demonstrate our unflagging efforts under four major domains of green innovations, including Energy Saving, Material Saving, Environment Friendly and Lean Design. Our implementation of full level eco-designs provides clients and consumers with next-generation green displays. Furthermore, AUO will continue to leverage its innovations in making users better enjoy digital life, with multi-touch technology, curved displays, and free form technology. AUO strives to make LCDs with unlimited possibilities to be applied everywhere."

In addition to the latest ultra slim and energy-saving TFT-LCDs for TV applications, AUO debuted the world's lightest* 46-inch LCD TV module with CCFL backlight. The thickness of AUO 46" ultra light LCD TV module is a significant reduction of almost 40%, with its weight cut by over 30% comparing to conventional models, fulfilling the stylish design trends and wall-mount requirements for large-sized TVs. AUO has been developing a series of lightweight TFT-LCDs which can save the usage of steel and yet maintain the same mechanical strength and optical performance. By saving on material and transportation costs, the lightweight innovation is also reducing the impact on the environment.

AUO is also showcasing at Display Taiwan 2008 the world's thinnest* 13.3-inch TFT-LCD for NB applications. With polish techniques and material replacements, AUO has successfully developed this white LED Notebook PC panel with a thickness of merely 1.9mm (approximately equivalent to a U.S. five-cent coin) and a weight of just 138 grams. This ultra thin, extra light NB panel maintains 300 nits of high brightness and a 500:1 high contrast ratio.

For power efficiency, AUO has developed a single chip 10.2-inch TFT-LCD with only one source IC on chip and embedded gate IC function in array process. Comparing to traditional 10.2-inch panel, which have 3 source ICs and 1 gate IC on chip, AUO's 10.2-inch TFT-LCD with GOA (Gate on Array) technology saves almost 50% of the IC costs, but still retains the same performance and gives up to 60% savings in terms of power consumption.

To meet the dominating design trends of the human interface in the CE market, AUO is debuting the world's first* 8-inch charge-sensing in-cell multi-touch LCD at Display Taiwan 2008. Unlike touch panels currently in the market, AUO's in-cell multi-touch TFT-LCD integrates touch function features into the TFT manufacturing process without adding an additional glass. In addition, AUO is demonstrating two different types of its in-cell multi-touch technology through 4.3-inch applications. The voltage-sensing type multi-touch technology, available with either stylus input or nail input, can provide better optical performance and anti-glare features with up to 8 point coordinates. The charge-sensing type is more similar to projected capacitive touch panels, offering pressure-less finger input as well as multi-touch gesture input recognition, which make it a perfect solution for highly interactive applications.

As the consumer demands for style are also increasing, in addition to curved display technology, AUO has successfully developed an elliptic shaped LCD display with display sizes of 54mm (height) x 41mm (width). The elliptic shaped screen is ideal for mobile phones which require ergonomic designs. The novel shape can also be applied to various handheld devices with compact, space-saving requirements. The free form displays can bring more flexibility and innovation to product designs. In addition to the outlook design advantage, the free-shaped LCDs can also improve the space efficiency of the display area and further reduce the materials used in the manufacturing process.

AUO is also revealing other technologies at Display Taiwan 2008, as listed below:

Large-sized Advanced Technologies include:

  • AMVA 3 High Static Contrast Ratio
  • Full HD 120Hz with ME/MC
  • Ultra Thin High Dynamic Contrast with LED
  • sRGB with Yellow-WLED
  • Ultra Slim 42" LCD TV with LED

Small and Medium-sized Advanced Technologies include:

  • sRGB Gamut Mapping Technology
  • Grease Free & Touch Mura Free
  • Ultra Thin 0.63mm


* Based on available market research information as of June 9, 2008.

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