Office Furniture Online Helps the TAKKT Group Reach its 300,000 Tree Donation Milestone for the Eden Reforestation Project

Over the past year, Office Furniture Online and the other sister companies within the TAKKT AG Group’s Web-focused Commerce Segment have all contributed to the donation of over 300,000 trees for the Eden Reforestation Project (ERP).

Reaching this milestone will add to the millions of trees planted every year by ERP in an effort to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local residents to help grow the greenery. The planting of these 300,000 trees alone has already provided over three thousand workdays of employment.

The powerful donation given by the companies involved in the TAKKT Group will also encourage countless positive environmental impacts, such as restoring animal habitats. This donation also constitutes over 1.5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide that will be absorbed by the trees.

Mark Taylor, managing director at Office Furniture Online, expresses his thanks to our customers:

“As a group, we are planting one tree for every single customer order, so it is our customers who are the real champions. They have helped us to assist ERP to further reduce CO2 emissions, and provide other benefits involved with reforestation for a healthier environment.”

“It is fantastic to be able to tell our customers that they have supported us in the planting of so many trees, and that they continue to do so every day. We will keep on going because we believe in doing our part to work towards a more sustainable future”.

Eden Reforestation Project (ERP) state that deforestation is a global phenomenon caused by various factors such as large-scale slash and burn practices, unsustainable agriculture practices and daily worldwide forest destruction. The impact of deforestation is devastating to countless communities, causing severe flooding, erosion and poverty in already less fortunate areas.

ERP explain that TAKKT Web-focused Commerce Segment’s partnership with the charity not only helps communities ‘experience the benefits of a restored environment, but our employees are also sending their children to school and able to afford food, clothing, and medical care’. Without business partners such as TAKKT AG, the struggle for successful replantation is greater, which is why Eden Reforestation Project ‘look forward to the continued partnership as we work together to restore both land and lives’.

Recently, the International Energy Agency has released a report which describes global carbon emissions from energy use, which accounts for the great majority of greenhouse gas emissions, were on course to rise by 1.5bn tonnes in 2021, representing a 5 per cent increase for the year.

Partnerships such as the one TAKKT and Eden Reforestation Project currently have are vital to the improvement of the world’s environmental standing, and ensure that the detrimental effects of deforestation are not long-standing. Improving the land and economic status of 8 countries including Nepal, Haiti, Madagascar, Kenya and Honduras.

Among other key insights:

  • Debbie Crawford from ERP explained ‘Eden’s care for the planet begins with poverty alleviation, and we provide transformational income to over 21,000 people across three continents’ the trees are owned by the local communities who have committed to participation in aiding reforestation.
  • Each tree planted by Office Furniture Online and the sister companies of TAKKT AG come at no extra cost to customers, ordering from the TAKKT Group businesses helps the environment. 
  • Trees planted are done so in a sustainable manner - no logging areas are planted; forest wardens are hired, and local residents are supplied with alternative fuels. Fruit trees are also planted so that the trees can be used sustainably and provide a long-term source of income.


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