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Framing Company Encouraging Americans to Fill Tires With Nitrogen to Reduce Fuel Consumption

While Congress is on vacation and presidential candidates debate energy strategy, an Ohio picture frame and fine art printing company -- American Frame Corporation -- is taking action to save employees gas and achieve better mileage.

American Frame, a national Internet company, offers picture frames and framing supplies, fine art printing and photographic services at wholesale prices direct to the consumer. This family business has supported do-it-yourself picture framers, artists, photographers, businesses and homeowners for more than 35 years, and has been concerned about rising energy costs affecting their employees.

Recently Chris and Dana Dunbar of American Frame discussed the merits of the presidential candidates' energy policies. Chris, a car enthusiast and company purchasing manager, said, "You know, nitrogen is a smarter gas for inflating tires. Why aren't the politicians encouraging this to help consumers save energy costs?"

Dana Dunbar, American Frame's controller and co-owner, saw this as a proactive step to help employees save gas and reduce commuting costs. According to, nitrogen is more stable than oxygen and allows for increased gas mileage of 4% to 10%, tire longevity of up to 30%, and eliminates rim rust.

Dunbar arranged for American Frame employees to get tire fill-ups at a local tire service center in Maumee, a suburb of Toledo, Ohio, with the expense covered by American Frame.

Employee reaction was instantaneous. American Frame has made the Ride on Nitrogen Initiative (RONI) a permanent program, and is encouraging its customers, local business owners, and the nation to fill their tires with nitrogen.

American Frame expects RONI to save its employees $10,000 collectively on gas and maintenance within the first year.

"We simply cannot wait around while our politicians debate energy issues," said Dana Dunbar. "We hope the Ride on Nitrogen Initiative will demonstrate the ability of small businesses to positively impact communities through this grassroots effort."

American Frame is raising consumer awareness of the Ride on Nitrogen Initiative through its e-commerce site,, and is urging other companies to do similarly through its network of business associations.

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