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TIPA Compostable Packaging Begins Local Production in The US

TIPA, a global leader in compostable packaging solutions for food and fashion announced today its partnership with two of the largest packaging manufacturers in the US, PPC Flexible Packaging and Clearview Packaging, to start using TIPA’s technology to produce compostable packaging for their respective customers. The development will widen TIPA’s global customer base and will enhance the capabilities of local manufacturers, as well as reduce global carbon emissions by cutting shipping lengths.

After expanding its European activity earlier this year through the acquisition of compostable packaging company Bio4Pack and entering the Australian market in 2021, TIPA is now expanding its North American activity, signing partnership contracts with two US manufacturers. In the next few months, TIPA expects to partner with additional manufacturers.

Flexible packaging accounts for an estimated 40% of packaging globally, however, less than 1% in the USpredominantly used for food and fashion, is recycled. With more than 300 million metric tons of flexible packaging produced every year, TIPA aims to replace thispackaging with compostable alternatives that mimic the positive properties of conventional plastic packaging such as durability, printability and transparency but with a fully sustainable end-of-use; when placed in a home or industrial composter, the packaging turns into nutrient-rich soil within a few months.

With main US facilities in Illinois and Utah, PPC Flexible Packaging will add TIPA’s compostable laminates to its manufacturing portfolio to produce pouches for packaging baked goods, dry food, supplements, vitamins, and more.

New York-based Clearview Packaging will use TIPA’s compostable films to produce packaging applications such as open bags, wicketed bags, resealable bags, zipper bags, and mailers for fashion garments, accessories, fresh produce, baked goods, frozen food, and more.

“We are thrilled to announce that our factory is now using compostable plastic films, a significant step towards a cleaner environment”, says Tatiana Castro, VP Sales & Marketing of PPC Flexible Packaging. “Our choice to partner with TIPA was driven by their extensive market knowledge, high-quality solutions, and seamless integration with our existing facilities and operations. As a company rooted in communal values, we take pride in contributing to a sustainable future while upholding our commitment to delivering top-quality packaging.”

“Partnering with TIPA to produce compostable packaging solutions will not only provide an alternative to conventional plastic, but will also ensure the entire supply chain is supported by local partners to enhance sustainable business practices,” said Trent Romer, Sustainability Operating Partner of Clearview Packaging. “Our decision to add TIPA’s compostable materials to our offerings for custom packaging comes from our mission to meet growing demand for sustainable packaging combined with TIPA’s plug-and-play technology that makes the transition seamless.”

“Following our acquisition of Bio4Pack, we have doubled down on our commitment to expand our operations in the most strategic markets for our business,” said Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TIPA. “Our partnerships with PPC and Clearview represent an important milestone in the fight against plastic pollution and we admire the commitment of both companies to sustainable manufacturing processes. We’re excited to see the impact of our work with PPC and Clearview across the US.”


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