Sustainable On-Demand Delivery Leader, bodo, Teams Up with All-Electric Courier Packfleet to Expand Carbon-Neutral Deliveries Across London

bodo, the sustainable same-day delivery service used by UK eCommerce brands, announces its strategic partnership with Packfleet, a tech-driven, all-electric courier. This collaboration aims to further scale eco-friendly deliveries across London.

Image Credit: bodo

Bodo has a portfolio of over 50 brands, including SURI, COAT, TRIP CBD, HeyHarper, PeachyDen, and FreeSoul. Providing fast, flexible, and eco-friendly delivery options, bodo operates state-of-the-art central London warehouses powered by solar energy and utilises eco-packaging to minimise its environmental impact.

The company actively collaborates with like-minded sustainability-driven brands, such as SURI and COAT, both B Corps, to promote ethical supply chain practices.

Packfleet, also a B Corp, plays its part in advancing carbon-neutral deliveries across London, with a 100% electric fleet charged by renewable energy and steered by advanced routing technology.

By combining forces, bodo and Packfleet are pioneering a more environmentally responsible approach to delivery services – at a time when the capital is facing unprecedented levels of air pollution.

With Packfleet now facilitating deliveries for bodo customers within the M25, the collaboration is making eco-friendly deliveries more accessible for London-based brands – and with leading reliability, too.

Since the start of their collaboration in May 2023, almost 98% of parcels have been delivered first-time and not a single parcel has been damaged in transit – reducing both waste and the volume of resource-intensive redeliveries.

Both alumni of successful British tech-start ups, bodo Co-Founder Jack Green (formerly of Deliveroo) and Packfleet Co-Founder Tristan Thomas (previously with Monzo) share a vision to revolutionise the logistics industry through technology and infrastructure.

“Partnering with Packfleet, a market-leading sustainable courier, furthers our progress in decarbonising the eCommerce supply chain. Packfleet is helping us disband this idea that speed and convenience should come at an environmental cost,” said Jack Green, Co-Founder at bodo.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with bodo in our shared mission to provide sustainable delivery solutions. With our 100% electric fleet, combined with bodo's eco-friendly warehouses and packaging, we’re providing a carbon-neutral end-to-end delivery experience to some of London’s most exciting brands," Tristan Thomas, Co-Founder at Packfleet.

This partnership between bodo and Packfleet signifies a decisive step towards environmentally responsible and technologically advanced delivery solutions. As leaders in sustainable, on-demand delivery, both companies are committed to growing together, enhancing the delivery experience, and catering to brands and customers that want to make changes for the better.


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