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World4Solar’s Out-of-the-Box Power Plant, HelioWing™ is Changing the Landscape of Solar Energy Generation

World4Solar is changing the way people power their homes and businesses to become self-sufficient in clean energy. As recently announced, many convenient stores and shopping centers are adding solar electric vehicles charging for their customers. World4Solar goes a step beyond the EV charging benefit to power your house or business.

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The patented HelioWing™ System is the most flexible power plant, as it works either on the grid or off the grid. It is the easiest to install 9.84kWp system on the market. Customers can add an inverter, EV charger and batteries up to 25kWh to their system. The system is delivered as an out-of- the-box solution, which includes all bolts and fasteners, cable management, and a telematic gateway for monitoring. as well as a permitting package and hazard certification. In fact, the HelioWing™ can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 mph without snow.

Imagine you decide to take the step and switch to solar energy, but your roof’s integrity doesn't allow an installation, or your properties orientation is not suitable. Here, World4Solar delivers the easiest to install freestanding solar canopies. They are shipped pre-assembled in one box and can be installed in one day by one of its certified integrators. World4Solar is pioneering the series production of a solid and design-oriented power plant in the US – virtually anywhere. This design, modularity and ease of installation are a solar game changer.

Possibly just as significant, high-end residences are against unsightly large solar panel rooftop installations. In fact, some homeowner’s associations prohibit them. The freestanding solar canopy is the perfect solution that hides the solar system for a flawless, aesthetically pleasing alternative to rooftop solar panels for self-sustaining electricity for residential and business properties.

The canopy can be easily concealed as a pool pergola, garden cover or carport. An optional LED lighting system with a control box can be built in to illuminate your business, your property, or just help with parking. World4Solar’s modern, aesthetically pleasing canopy design is the ideal solution for businesses, homeowners, architects, and those looking for the most aesthetic solution for clean energy production.

The HelioWing’s modular pricing approach offers customers and integrators the option to just purchase the main structure and add their own components of choice separately, or add those offered by World4Solar to benefit from the pre-assembly of all parts prior to shipping, to save time on-site and guarantee a seamless integration and interaction of all components for maximum efficiency.

The HelioWing main structure starts at $33,000 US retail (before federal funding incentives, such as the Government Inflation Act with a 30% tax credit, apply) and is made from powder coated, American steel. It offers color options for the column side panels to match your personal taste or corporate colors. Besides technical drawings and a template for the foundation, supervision, and on-site training by World4Solar for installing integrators, the installation as easy and fast as possible.

World4Solar systems set a new standard in the design and energy autonomy of private and commercial power plants. The systems produce enough solar energy to power a whole house, offer EV charging, and can operate as a standalone solution or be connected to the local power grid to earn credits for energy generation. The generated energy is managed by a Solark 12 kW hybrid inverter that seamlessly integrates into the system and offers a telematic gateway to monitor the production and use of the energy generated by your system. A HelioWing (stand-alone or grid-tied) can store solar energy up to 25 kWh with optional, integrated batteries within the column, or up to 100 kWh with an external battery module.

“The time-lapse 6-hour HelioWing installation video is mind boggling,” says Marc Hofer, CEO and Co-founder of World4Solar. “It clearly shows how easily the HelioWing structures can be integrated into any residential or commercial project.” (time-lapsed video link)


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    This is ridiculous. Goes full circle.

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    Can the HelioWing be purchased and installed in Illinois at 61802 at no out-of-pocket of-pocket expense with Federal and State incentives and tax credits?

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