Virginia Naval Air Station Opens E85 Fuel Pump

The United States Navy is doing its part to help provide greater energy stability and security for the country, well beyond its primary role of keeping this country safe.

Today, at the NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Command) at the Oceania Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia, the nation is getting its newest E85 (85% ethanol/15% gasoline) fueling station. This location will serve the hundreds of flex-fuel vehicles (FFV) capable of using higher level ethanol blends like E85 operated by the Navy as well as be available to the thousands of FFVs driven by civilians in the Virginia Beach area.

The increasing use of domestically produced ethanol is reducing America’s need for imported oil. In 2008, the use of 9 billion gallons of ethanol displaced more than 321 million barrels of imported oil valued at more the $32 billion.

“Just as the U.S. Navy is vital to the security of this nation, so too is ethanol in helping this nation become more energy secure,” said Renewable Fuels Association President Bob Dinneen. “America’s ethanol industry is pleased to partner with the United States Navy to help reduce the demand for imported oil and increase our reliance on homegrown sources of renewable energy. Opening this facility sends a powerful signal that the U.S. Navy is committed to reducing oil dependence by leading by example.”

Critical to the expansion of ethanol use is the deployment of infrastructure capable of utilizing and dispensing higher level blends of ethanol. Continuing to work with automakers to produce FFVs and gasoline suppliers to install E85 pumps is necessary to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, both by our nation’s armed forces and ordinary consumers alike.

“Protec is proud to have worked with Larry Boone and NEXCOM to create an E85 program and to be supplying fuel to the new Oceana Naval Air Station E85 site,” said Todd Garner, Managing Partner, Protec Fuel Management. “This station will be an important component of the Navy’s efforts to reduce its petroleum consumption. Furthermore, this E85 station will be open to military families and the general public so that everyone will be able to participate in our nation’s efforts toward energy security.”

The installation of this facility is a result of a solicitation by NEXCOM and the subsequent awarding of the contract to Protec. The U.S. Navy is required to utilize FFVs but often lack E85 refueling infrastructure near its military installations. This is part of a larger effort to expand E85 refueling infrastructure to Naval facilities and other military locations across the country.

Immediately following the event, the station will offer a fuel promotion providing E85 for just $0.85 per gallon for 85 minutes.

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