Saving Money by Making Your Spring Cleaning Environmentally Friendly Green Cleaning

As the spring season rolled in, many people take this time as an opportunity to spring clean their homes and vehicles. This year, consider freshening up your home by incorporating some green aspects into your spring cleaning ritual. Not only can it make your life a bit healthier, you can also do your part to preserve the planet.

"More and more, consumers are finding ways to incorporate environmentally-friendly materials into their everyday life," said Peter McMurtrie, chief claims officer for Grange Insurance. "There are many ways to 'go green' this season that won't cost you much more than what you're doing now."

If you typically do home maintenance in the spring, McMurtrie says to consider performing an "energy audit" of your home. This involves inspecting your home for any improvements you can make to save some money on your utility bills. For instance, if you recall any icicles sprouting from your roof this winter, this could be a sign of poor insulation in your attic. The heat escaping from your home is melting the snow on your roof, and as the snow melts and drips off your roof, it refreezes and forms icicles. If you decide that you need to re-insulate, consider a greener option such as a wool or cotton-based insulation.

Another way to ease some of your utility bills is to check for leaks around your home. Leaks can account for a significant portion of your utility costs, but they can be avoided. Check for places where you can tighten, replace or re-caulk to lessen the amount of water wasted.

"While you may not see a change immediately after you stop leaks, you'll definitely notice a difference over time," says McMurtrie. "Your local water, gas or electric utility company may be able to provide help, or even instructions and supplies."

Many people also take time during spring to go through old items to throw away. Instead of tossing them into your local landfill, donate old clothes, toys or furniture to your local thrift store. Not only do you alleviate the amount of trash you throw away, you're also giving back to your local community. Additionally, if you want to reduce other waste, consider creating a compost pile from leftover food, eggshells, coffee grounds and spoiled vegetables. Find a corner of the yard that's out of the way and carefully throw food wastes into a pile and mix with dirt. Every week or so, turn the pile over with a shovel to give it more air. In a few weeks, it will turn into a rich, nutritious soil that will help plants grow green and strong.

There are numerous ways to incorporate green tips into your everyday life. Taking the time to invest in environmentally-friendly habits may seem like a task, however the benefits far outweigh the effort.

"Going green can be as small or as big of an effort as you want it to be," says McMurtrie. "No matter what route you take toward being environmentally friendly, a little here and there can make a world of difference for your health and the health of the planet."

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