Silverado's Commercial Green Fuel Technology Produces Fuel Without Releasing Greenhouses Gases

Silverado Green Fuel Inc. is less than three years away from having a fully operational facility to demonstrate how its green fuel technology can replace many of the industrial applications for oil at a fraction of the cost, without releasing greenhouse gases or damaging the environment.

By energy industry standards, that is considered on-stream ready. Silverado turns low-rank coal (representing half of the U.S.'s coal reserves) into Green Fuel, which can be commercially produced without releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, without particle emissions, and without the release of toxic by-products. The supply of low rank coal in North America represents centuries of energy resources availability.

Initial production costs are estimated at under US$15 per barrel, on an oil equivalent energy basis, compared to $90 - $100/barrel crude oil. Green Fuel is produced without releasing any harmful emissions into the air, and because low rank coal already has a moisture content of 40%, most of the water used in Silverado's Green Fuel Technology is actually recycled from the process itself, and re-used.

"Silverado is a world leader in low rank coal to liquid fuel technology", states Garry Anselmo, President and CEO. "We are generating excitement and interest from the private and public sectors because we have a ready, proven technology for 'now', so the timing for Silverado is perfect. And because America's energy future, security and domestically produced energy supply is THAT important".

Green Fuel can be used to power oil-fired power plants directly, or be used as a feedstock for further processing to produce transportation fuels (jet, diesel, gasoline), key agricultural compounds (fertilizers, synthetic petrochemical feedstocks, ammonia), industrial products (oils, lubricants, synthetics) and even consumer products (plastics, packaging, etc.). Silverado Green Fuel can also be further processed to produce pure, clean hydrogen to power fuel cell automobiles and power plants.

The company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mississippi Development Authority and other state agencies to build a $26 million Green Fuel demonstration 'Ecoplex' plant. The plant will use the vast low-rank coal reserves found near the Mississippi site, and should be operating fully by 2010. Silverado has been working with Members of Congress to obtain an appropriation from the Federal Government for this project. Silverado Green Fuel processing plants can be established in any location where there is a deposit of low-rank coal nearby. The potential for Silverado facilities throughout North America, and even world-wide is on the company's radar, following its exciting Mississippi venture and commitments.

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