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OMG Introduces OlyBond 500 Green Roof Insulation Adhesive

OMG, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fasteners and building products for the commercial and residential construction industry, has unveiled a new environmentally friendly insulation adhesive available to roofing professionals: OlyBond 500 Green.

OlyBond 500 Green provides the same high performance and is offered in the same user-friendly packaging as OlyBond 500 and OlyBond SpotShot, but uses rapidly renewable resources to replace petroleum based ingredients in its composition. OlyBond 500 Green does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is odorless. By minimizing the use of fossil fuels and utilizing plant-based resources, OlyBond 500 Green contributes toward various LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits. OMG is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

"More and more buildings are designed to meet LEED and other environmental standards, and roofing professionals and specifiers can now contribute to this effort by selecting products that are composed of renewable resources and that do not contain any VOCs," says Andy Cleveland, OlyBond Product Manager for OMG. "OlyBond 500 Green meets this need and can be used in place of OlyBond 500 and SpotShot while providing the same safe and secure adhesion for new and re-roof applications."

OlyBond 500 Green will adhere a variety of board stocks to a variety of roof substrates, including:

  • Lightweight structural concrete

  • Poured in place structural concrete

  • Pre-cast concrete

  • Gypsum and cementitious wood fiber decks

  • Plywood (5/8" minimum thickness)

  • Smooth surfaced built-up roofing

  • Steel-22 gauge or lower (with approved cross section)

OlyBond 500 Green is applied using the specially designed PaceCart II Dispenser, while SpotShot is dispensed through a portable 1:1 applicator (suitable for crickets, smaller roofs, hard to reach areas, and repairs). OlyBond 500 Green can also be used to adhere insulation board to insulation board, and is available in Winter (40°-60°F), Regular (60°-90°F), and Summer (90°+ F) formulas. OlyBond 500 Green is Factory Mutual approved.

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