ClearLite Launches "A Safer CFL", with the ArmorLite SAFETY ECO CFL

Clear-Lite Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: CLRH), a leading innovator of eco-friendly, energy-saving “natural” lighting today announced that it is introducing A Safer CFL, the patent-pending ArmorLite SAFETY ECO CFL, which is expected to revolutionize the Compact Florescent Lamp (CFL) market.

By wrapping the ArmorLite CFL in a patent-pending SX4000™ ECO Safety Coating that helps capture broken glass and mercury, ClearLite’s SAFETY ECO CFL helps address the serious issue of mercury contamination from conventional CFLs with liquid mercury when they break in the home, office or hotel room. As a further environmental precaution, ClearLite's CFLs contain no liquid mercury. Instead, ClearLite uses Amalgam, an alloy of mercury with other metals in a solid form, helping make compliance with government regulations for mercury reduction easier to meet.

“ArmorLite represents the next generation of lighting technology and we are pleased to make it available to consumers, especially at very affordable prices,” said Thomas Irvine, president and CEO of ClearLite.

“ArmorLite is designed to be more eco-friendly than most standard CFLs that use liquid mercury. The patent-pending technology is designed to help keep you and your family safer from potentially dangerous mercury, which has become a growing concern for many, when a CFL breaks,” he said.

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has warned that if a CFL breaks, to keep people and pets away from the breakage area and to ventilate the contaminated area by opening windows. Now with ArmorLite, you can feel more comfortable knowing there is an added barrier between you and the toxins inside a CFL,” Irvine added.

“While all CFLs contain some mercury, it is the ArmorLite safety coating that helps capture the broken glass and mercury that will make ClearLite’s CFLs, the safety leader in the CFL industry. Even though some companies have developed low-level mercury bulbs, the problem of breakage and released mercury remains,” he added.

ClearLite constantly embraces innovation; its cutting-edge products help reduce energy use, provide a more natural light and now A Safer CFL. Unlike the commonly found spiral shaped CFLs, the patent-pending ArmorLite looks like an incandescent bulb. It is in fact a compact fluorescent light bulb hidden inside a glass-shaped safety-coated cover; it is similar in design to the incandescent light bulb that seems to be preferred by most consumers. ClearLite offers a wide range of green lighting solutions for both retail and commercial clients. It has focused on earth-friendly, energy-saving “natural” lighting and now A Safer CFL, the patent-pending ArmorLite SAFETY ECO CFL.

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