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ETA Hack 25 Residential Biomass Thermal Boilers from Eco-link Resources

Eco-link Resources supplies the ETA Hack 25 biomass thermal boiler that is designed for residential applications. Biomass such as wood pellets, wood logs and wood chips can be utilized as fuel in the boiler. The biomass thermal boiler includes a draught ventilator, which is speed controlled for independent operation from the chimney draught. The lambda control of the boiler recognizes fuel automatically.

ETA Hack 25 Residential Biomass Thermal Boiler

The ETA Hack 25 biomass thermal boiler provides various controls such as hot water tank management and outside temperature control for the boiler heating circuit. Other features of the thermal boiler include an automatic ash disposal system and automatic ignition. The wood boiler has the ability to handle even rough wood chips of industrial grade with ease. The rated capacity of the biomass boiler with both wood pellets and wood chips is 7.7 – 26.0 kilowatts. When spruce chips are used, the boiler provides an efficiency of 92.2 per cent at full load. With wood pellets, the efficiency of boiler is 93.8 per cent at full load.

The ETA Hack 25 biomass thermal boiler has a water capacity of 117 liters and ash bin capacity of 35 liters. The maximum operating temperature of the residential boiler is 95 degrees Celsius, while the maximum operating pressure is 3 bar. The biomass thermal boiler, offered by Eco-link Resources, measures 710mm in width, 1,100mm in depth and 1495mm in height. The overall weight of the wood pellet boiler is 735kg.


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