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ETA 90V Solar Pool Pumps Provided by ETA Engineering

ETA Engineering supplies solar powered pool pumps. The ETA 90V pool pump consists of a 90V DC motor with brushes.

ETA 90V Pool Pumps

This pump is available in three different sizes with the capacity of 1, 3/4 and 1/2 HP motors. The pumps are supplied as separate units or along with solar electric systems. The solar pool pump has a two piece design with a compression band made of stainless steel. The ETA 90V pool pump is manufactured using glass filled polymer materials that accounts for the durability and strength. This pump is available with plumbing connections with a quick release mechanism.

The performance of the ETA 90V pool pump varies with its size. The 1/2 HP pool pump has a solar array that produces a maximum power ranging from 480 watts to 510 watts. The maximum power is produced at a current of 5 amperes. The 1/2 HP ETA 90V pump has a maximum flow rate of 67 GPM at a maximum pressure of 16psi. This flow rate varies with pressure conditions. At 4psi, the pump has a flow rate of 63 GPM, while at 8psi the flow rate is 54 GPM.

The pump speed and flow rate of the ETA 90V pool pump is dependent on the availability of sunlight. The 3/4 HP ETA pool pump has solar array producing a maximum power ranging from 720 watts to 780 watts, while it varies from 990 watts to 1020 watts in case of 1 HP  pool pump.


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