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Spectrum and True Green Energy Group Initiate Alternative Energy Program in Asia

The initiative program in Asia for alternative energy has helped Spectrum Blue Steel to provide renewable energy sources for powering Philippines. The initiative also encourages new technologies that will help stimulate economic growth and jobs related to green energy. True Green Energy Group (TGEG) has initiated the creation of a clean energy economy through the Biosphere MKV green power plant system. 

Spectrum Blue Steel has the responsibility to increase the production of alternative energy in Philippines over the next three years. With the help of Biosphere MKV green plant system, Spectrum Blue Steel focuses on achieving a continuous supply of electricity for Europe, Asia, North Africa, and Middle East until the year 2050.  This usage will show a transition to a secure supply of renewable energy and will eliminate the usage of fossil fuels for power.

The True Green Energy Group has followed strict guidelines to arrive at a smooth change over to supply electricity that does not cost much, and is favorable for the environment. The Biosphere MKV green plant system will utilize municipal solid waste and provide electricity irrespective of place and time, as long as garbage is available. The stored energy generated from the garbage is utilized free, because garbage is not sought after and people do not prefer to retain it. Spectrum Blue Steel has harnessed millions of metric tons of garbage in landfill sites at Philippines.  Moreover, the world has billions of metric tons of garbage in landfills, which is waiting for both Spectrum and TGEG for harvesting.

According to Ronald Flynn, Spectrum, garbage is the world’s buried treasure. The stored garbage on earth cannot be utilized immediately, and Spectrum is ready to remove garbage from any country, state or city.

With the help of the Biosphere MKV system, it is believed that both Spectrum Blue Steel and TGET can help to build a better way of life. This focus can help the world to shift to non-fossil fuel based energy resources, especially to energy-from-waste.

The initiative adheres to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and the Philippine Renewable Energy Law (RA 9513) of the Philippines.


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