Baxi Multi-Heat 2.5 Biomass Boilers with Hopper Doors

Baxi manufactures different types of biomass solid fuel boilers. The Baxi Multi-Heat biomass boiler utilizes wood pellets as fuel, and provides a maximum combustion efficiency of 90 per cent. This biomass boiler is available in different models, such as the Baxi Multi-Heat 1.5, Baxi Multi-heat 4.0 and Baxi Multi-Heat 2.5.

The Baxi Multi-Heat 2.5 biomass boiler generates a maximum heat output of 25 kilowatts and is suitable for rural or semi-rural areas, where main gas is not available.

Baxi Multi-Heat 2.5 Biomass Boiler

The biomass fuel boiler from Baxi has a total weight of 530 kilograms and measures 1,578 millimeters, 600 millimeters and 1,475 millimeters in depth, width and height, respectively. The flue pipe has an external diameter of 150 millimeters, while the hopper has a total volume of 360 liters. This biomass solid fuel boiler provides user-friendly operation with the aid of a digital control option.

The Baxi Multi-Heat 2.5 biomass boiler has both hopper and boiler doors with features that facilitate convenient access. With the inclusion of the integral hopper, the boiler from Baxi can be automatically fed with the fuel. Both the hopper and the boiler are supplied as single packaged units. The biomass boiler also includes a thermostatic control that facilitates the regulation of the fuel flow in order to achieve maximum efficiency. With this control, the user can also set the desired boiler temperature. The ash removal option is placed behind the lower door of the biomass solid fuel boiler.


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