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Energy Saving Technologies from EASI Helped to Save Energy in the Arroyo Plant

Stryker Puerto Rico, with the installation of energy saving technologies obtained from Energy Automation Systems (EASI), was able to reduce its consumption of energy by 258,000 kilowatts every month. The energy usage of the Arroyo plant, which is the manufacturing facility of Puerto Rico’s high technology medical devices, decreased from 1,436,000 kilowatt hours to 1,177,000 resulting in 18 percent reduction.

Caribbean Energy Savings examined and installed electrical systems possessing energy saving technologies, which are developed by Energy Automation Systems in the Arroyo plant. Referring to this installation process, Francis Pagan, Facilities Manager at Stryker Puerto Rico remarked that the installation process was carried out without any issues. Hence, the company’s intention of reducing the carbon footprint in the environment was accomplished with complete satisfaction. Francis Pagan further stated that the company through this project has succeeded in accomplishing its goal of reducing and saving energy especially in the middle of increasing energy costs.

The level of energy reduction obtained from this project was 18 percent in comparison with the estimated 9 percent. This reduction was brought by the changes in the lighting that varied in warehousing and manufacturing areas. The quality and levels of light were increased in these areas. The polarized refrigerant oil additive and the optimizer intelligent controller from Energy Automation Systems. used in this project helped in saving energy, along with the Easiliner and Powerliner technologies used in the air conditioning system throughout the project. The efficiency of the electrical systems and the loads carried by them were improved by EASI besides improving the quality of power and reducing excess heat.

Joe Merlo, Chief Executive Officer and Chief of Energy Automation Systems stated that cost saving was made possible in Stryker’s Puerto Rico operations because of the usage of energy saving technologies from EASI. Lloyd’s of London would have been approached if the percentage of energy saving was below the estimated percentage.


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