CalciTech Waste Recovery Projects Improve Sustainability of Industrial Processes

CalciTech has made an announcement regarding the waste recovery projects carried out by the company in Asia and Europe. This announcement was made on 24 November 2009. Improving the sustainability of industrial processes is the main purpose of this project, besides the goal of obtaining a superior quality of ultrapure Synthetic Calcium Carbonate (SCC).  Mineral lime water obtained from industrial processes is converted into ultrapure Synthetic Calcium Carbonate. Ultrapure Synthetic Calcium Carbonate is used in the industries dealing with polymer, sealant, paint and paper coating.

These waste recovery projects help in obtaining valuable material from the conversion of the highly polluted waste streams that are tipped into landfills. Landfill sites on the other hand are becoming a lot more expensive and very difficult even to locate. Carbon dioxide amounting to 44 tons is absorbed from 100 tones of ultrapure Synthetic Calcium Carbonate through the process carried out by CalciTech.

Michael Watts, Marketing Director of CalciTech,  remarked that the polymer and paper industries through the CalciTech process can prevent the usage of pure minerals obtained from quarries and will thus be able to use renewable minerals. The CalciTech process is cost efficient and these polymer and paper industries will thus be able to proudly declare that the products manufactured by them are made with the usage of renewable minerals.


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