Vario Steel Fireplaces for Decoration

Beefire develops stoves and smokeless fireplaces that utilize biofuels. The Beefire fireplace is designed to be used as a decoration and not as a heater. So, these fireplaces must not be used as a heating stove. Though the fireplaces uses bio-alcohol as fuel, the combustion process in the fireplace can produce 1.2kW to 3kW heat.  This smokeless fireplace can provide space heating for a space ranging from 25sqm to 30sqm. Yet, it is important that there should be sufficient supply of fresh air.   The bio-alcohol as a fuel is non-toxic and in the process of burning it gives out carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Vario Steel Fireplace

Beefire fireplaces are available in various models, namely, Centro, Centurio, Frizz, Frizz Classic, Pyros, Pyros L, Loft, Vario, Vario ‘S’, Redondo, Swingline, TaSada, TaSada “S”, Vario steel, Vario stainless steel, and Vario glass.

Vario steel fireplace measures 1105mm (h) x 400mm (w) x 400mm (d), and weighs 75kg. The users must be aware of the precautions to be followed while using this fireplace. The fireplace should be placed on a stable, level ground. No other fuel other than bio-alcohol can be utilized in this fireplace. The fireplace can be lit using a lighter that has a 10cm long lighting stick. The burning chamber should always burn with a yellow flame, and blue flames should be avoided as they can produce excess heat. Flammable materials should not be kept near the stove.


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