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Revolutionary Environmental Solution Promoting Green in Marketplace

UP ON GREEN, LLC -- a first-of-its-kind environmental solution -- has just launched in the U.S. marketplace to help inform consumers about businesses' pro-environmental practices and help businesses embrace and communicate their 'green' initiatives. More than 85 percent of U.S. consumers want to do business with companies that implement environmentally and socially responsible practices; however, most people admit they don't have the time or desire to research each company.


  • offers environmental to-do lists for businesses and consumers and helps organize the "green chaos" that currently exists;
  • offers marketplace signage and an online resource to help consumers instantly identify what companies and organizations are doing environmentally;
  • generates a consumer-driven competitive edge for businesses and organizations that are choosing to make a difference;
  • helps prevent misleading green claims also known as "green-washing."

Consumers want to do business with green-minded companies

"There is currently tremendous confusion surrounding 'green,' which is hindering progress. UP simplifies 'green' for everyone and provides tools that can put the power in the rightful hands of consumers," said Michelle (Mitch) Hedlund, CEO of UP ON GREEN. "Rapid change will stem from consumers. If the vast majority of consumers wants to 'do more' simply by choosing companies that are implementing environmentally-friendly practices, then we're going to make it remarkably easy for them to find those companies."

According to the United States Department of Energy, less than 35 percent of U.S. businesses recycle. "Up until now many companies could get away with being environmentally wasteful because consumers didn't know what they were or weren't doing. Imagine how powerful it is when businesses that are actively trying to improve their impact on the environment are rewarded with increased marketshare," explained Hedlund.

A comprehensive plan for all

UP ON GREEN received assistance from the Center for Energy and the Environment ( -- a 35-year-old nonprofit organization that promotes the responsible and efficient use of natural and economic resources -- to create the 14-point criteria that provides the foundation for UP ON GREEN's environmental to-do lists.


  • Provides a two-tiered application process. The first is the UP Criteria, simple enough for all businesses and households to achieve, yet environmentally meaningful. (Meeting 9 out of the 14 criteria is required for membership.) The second is the optional Eco-Profile, which provides an opportunity for businesses and individuals to communicate the exceptional efforts they are doing that go beyond the UP Criteria.
  • Provides annual membership opportunities for those who meet the UP Criteria each year, (individual memberships are free, business memberships are $100/annually);
  • Offers marketplace signage (UP I.D.s) that communicates to consumers what UP members are doing to improve their impact on the environment;
  • Provides a national online resource for consumers to read each member's Criteria and Eco-Profile;
  • Provides an online comment forum, similar to various online rating systems;
  • Provides UP'vites (stylized emails) that consumers can send from to businesses or friends, encouraging them to get UP ON GREEN;

UP provides companies with the opportunity to exponentially make a difference

UP also allows participating businesses to witness how their initiatives are generating progress beyond their company's actions (the eco-domino effect). For example, when a business member encourages its suppliers to get UP ON GREEN, and those suppliers have encouraged their employees and business relationships to do the same, UP ON GREEN will be able to demonstrate to the original business member how their initial effort has generated an infinite environmental family-tree.

UP is a plan for expandable progress

"This is not about perfection," said Hedlund, "it's about an expandable and measurable plan for progress. If UP inspires the masses who haven't been 'green-minded' to adopt simple changes, highlights the exceptional efforts of the 'ultra-greens,' and ignites a competitive spark in businesses and government offices nationally, we will collectively make a world of difference."

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