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Second-Generation STP2 Enables Improved Power Efficiency in Battery Packs

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC), a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, today announced the availability of its second-generation Smart Thin Package (STP2) surface mount packaging for power MOSFETs. The STP2 package is 20 percent smaller than the original STP package, and achieves one of the industry's lowest values for ON-resistance x mounting area. As a result of the low resistance figure, the device enables improved power efficiency in battery packs. To save critical printed circuit board space, the new package measures only 3.8mm x 1.6mm x 0.60mm.

TAEC also announced two ultra-low resistance power MOSFETs in the new STP2 package, TPCT4203 and TPCT4204, and a third MOSFET in a PS-8 package, TPCP8202, which measures 2.8mm x 2.9mm x 0.8mm. Developed by Toshiba Corp. (Toshiba), the three new dual N-channel MOSFETs are well-suited for lithium ion battery applications in mobile phones, digital still cameras, camcorders and other portable consumer electronics products that require small battery size yet long hours of operation.

Toshiba's two new STP2 MOSFETs feature a small footprint area of only 6.08mm(2). The TPCT4203 carries a DC source current (I(S)) of 6 amperes (A), a pulse drain current (P(D)) of 24A, a gate-source voltage of 12volts (V), and low leakage current (I(SSS)) of just 10 microamps. The TPCT4204 carries a source current of 6A, a pulse drain current of 24A, a gate-source voltage of 12V, and I(SSS) of just 10 microamperes.

The TPCT4203 MOSFET comes with low source-source ON resistance (R(SS)(ON)) of 25.5 milliohms typ. (at V(GS)=4.5V, I(S)=3A) and source-source voltage of 20V, while the TPCT4204 features RSS (ON) of 30.5milliohms typ. (at V(GS)=4.5V, I(S)=3A) and source-source voltage of 30V.

The TPCP8202 in PS-8 packaging has a footprint area of 8.12mm(2), and carries a DC drain current of 5.5A, a pulse drain current of 22A, a gate-source voltage of 12V, and low leakage current (I(DSS)) of just 10microamps. While the STP2 devices are of common drain type, the TPCP8202 contains two completely independent N-channel MOSFETs, making it more suitable for designs with various configurations. The device also offers low drain-source ON resistance (RDS (ON)) of 19milliohms typ. (at V(GS)=4.5V, I(D)=2.8A) and drain-source voltage (V(DSS)) of 30V.

"Our advances in innovative packaging, coupled with our expertise in power MOSFET technologies, simultaneously deliver space saving and efficiency improvement to protection circuit modules, contributing to longer battery life in portable devices," said Jeff Lo, business development manager for power devices in the discrete business unit at TAEC.

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