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Air EZ Tower 29ft Guyed Towers Help to Install Small Wind Turbines

Southwest Windpower is a manufacturer of small wind turbines and wind turbine towers. It offers Air EZ Tower 29 feet guyed tower kit with poles and 27 feet and 45 feet guyed tower kits without poles. The 29 feet Air EZ guyed tower is designed for installing smaller wind turbines. The EZ Tower kit consists of galvanized tubing, cabling and hardware, and has no power wire. This wind tower can be installed within two hours.

Air EZ Tower 29ft Guyed Tower

The Air EZ Tower 29ft guyed tower requires no winching, gin pole and concrete for its installation. This guy-wired supported tower uses lightweight tubing for installing the tower and withstands a wind speed of 110mph. The 29 feet guyed tower kit has a shipping weight of 80lbs and it can be shipped in a 74-inch box. The Air EZ Tower 29ft guyed tower is light in weight, and so it needs no winches or vehicles for erecting the tower. This model incorporates a tower base and an anchoring system to provide strength while installing the wind turbine tower. The tower base and the anchoring system eliminate the need for a concrete pad.

The Air EZ tower kit includes a tower base, 30ft guy wire set, 21ft guy wire set, M10 locknut, M10 x 65mm bolt, 1¨þ x 48 inches tower tubes, 1¨þ x 42 inches tower tubes, earth anchor driving rod, 4 arrowhead earth anchors and 4 tower base earth spikes, 8 cable thimbles and 16 cable clamps. This wind turbine tower designed by Southwest Windpower is suitable for Air X Air industrial, Air 403 and Air Breeze wind turbines.

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