Explosive Solar Industry Growth in Michigan for 2010: Michigan Solar Solutions

Michigan Solar Solutions is anticipating a big surge in the solar industry in Michigan for the year 2010. Michigan Solar Solutions is a leading alternative energy company in Michigan.

Mark Hagerty, President of Michigan Solar Solutions, said that many people are under the wrong impression that generating renewable solar energy is not very effective in Michigan because it’s very cold and the state does not receive as much as sun as other places. When compared to the “Sunshine State” Florida, which receives 5 hours of peak sunlight per day each year, Michigan receives 4.2 hours. Solar panels produce more electricity when it is cold and its efficiency decreases when it gets hotter. Even though the Southwest may be receiving more hours of sunlight, the solar panels are affected by the heat and produce less voltage per peak hour, according to Mark Hagerty. He further commented that Michigan Solar Solutions’ solar panels produced power more than the rated output by 1.2 times at 10 degrees below zero degree in the year 2008.

Mark Hagerty said that increasing state and federal incentives for renewable energy and rising electricity costs has made renewable energy cheaper in Michigan. He said that the $2,000 limit on the 30% tax credit for renewable energy has been removed by the federal government recently. Net Metering Law in Michigan enables the owners to put electricity produced from any source into the grid and the utility companies have to accept them. Increasing number of people have adopted the renewable energy strategy realizing its economic value, he commented.

In addition to many factors that will help Michigan state to increase its renewable energy production, additional incentives are also provided utility companies. “Solar Currents” from DTE Energy is one such initiative to make renewable energy from solar more affordable. Customers will be partially reimbursed for installing solar systems on their businesses or homes. This program has been authorized by Michigan Public Service Commission. Customers who take part in the program, in addition to local incentives and federal tax credits, for the next 20 years will receive credit on their energy bills.

Consumers Energy is another utility in Michigan that is advancing the use of renewable energy by introducing a feed-in-tariff program. Customers, who install approved solar systems by May 2010, will be reimbursed 65.0 cents per kilowatt hour and 52.5 cents per kilowatt hour for solar systems that are installed after May 2010 through this program.

Michigan Solar Solutions has been growing at an increased rate; it is at present doing business in one month as it had done in the whole year of 2008. This provides further evidence to show that Michigan’s use of renewable energy is advancing rapidly.

Source: www.michigansolarsolutions.com

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