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EuroFlames Offers Power 33 Biomass Boilers

EuroFlames offers a range of boilers, woodburning fireplaces, cookers and stoves such as boiler stoves, multi-fuel stoves, woodburning stoves, pellet stoves and cast iron stoves. There are two models of boilers available from this company, namely, Power 24 and Power 33. The Power 33 biomass boiler available in red color utilizes wood logs as fuel.

Power 33 Biomass Boiler

The Power 33 biomass boiler is equipped with a riddling grate and an ash pan for easy access and removal of ashes. It incorporates a firebox made of cast-iron. The primary air system makes the wood logs burn efficiently and the secondary air system keeps the glass clean. The capacity of the water tank included in the boiler is 88L. The flue outlet has a diameter of 150mm. This biomass energy boiler available from EuroFlames requires 230V power with 50Hz. Its maximum power input is 120W and the load weight is 30kg. The operating temperature of the Power 33 ranges from 70 to 85 degrees Celsius.

The Power 33 biomass boiler has a total output of 32.9kW and a minimum output of 32.9kW. It has a heat efficiency of 77.1%. This biomass energy boiler offered by EuroFlames measures a height of 1380mm, width of 700mm and a depth of 1100mm, and weighs 526kg. The wood logs used for burning must have a length of 33cm and a diameter of 15cm.


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