Enercon Offers E-33 Wind Turbines

Enercon manufactures different models of wind turbines, namely E-33, E-44, E-48, E-53, E-70 and E-82.  E-33 wind turbines are available in modular designs for convenient transport by truck and ship. The wind generators can be installed easily even in remote places.

E-33 Wind Turbine

The E-33 wind turbine is equipped with three blades, which are made of fiberglass/ epoxy resin. The turbine blades are incorporated with lightning protection. This wind generator from Enercon is designed with an upwind rotor along with active pitch control. The rotor has a diameter of 33.4m and it rotates in a clockwise movement. The swept area of this rotor is 876m2. The pitch control utilized for the rotor is an independent control known as ENERCON blade pitch system. The variable rotational speed of the upwind rotor is 18 to 45RPM.

The E-33 wind turbine is available in a rated power output of 330kW. The height of the hub is 37 to 50m. This turbine incorporates direct-drive synchronous annular generator, single-row cylindrical roller bearings and grid feeding converter. The yaw control operates through adjustment gears. There are three blade pitch systems together with emergency supply. The cut-out wind speed of this turbine is 28 to 34m/s. The E-33 model is equipped with a ENERCON SCADA system designed for remote monitoring. It is a gearless turbine with a variable pitch control and a variable wind speed.

Source: http://www.enercon.de


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