J. P. Sayler + Associates, Consultants Offers Vestas V-82 Wind Turbines

J. P. Sayler & Associates, Consultants supply refurbished wind turbines for various applications. The Vestas V-82 wind turbine is a pitch regulated turbine that comes along with OptiTip. It is also available with two-speed generators that work without sound especially at night or during low-wind operations.

Vestas V-82 Wind Turbine

The Vestas V-82 wind turbine has the capacity to stabilize the weak grid and includes a backup power supply. It incorporates a powerful generator and a large rotor to produce power in low as well as medium wind conditions. The system’s hydraulic Active-Stall technology controls the output and reduces loads to produce maximum power from the wind. The Active-Stall offers failsafe protection system in all situations with the rated wind speed and retains 1.65MW as its steady output. This wind generator from J. P. Sayler & Associates, Consultants operate on low sound level even though the wind speed is high.

The Vestas V-82 wind turbine is equipped with a generator, Nacelle computer, hub computer, Anemometer windvanes, mechanical brake, gearbox, pitch system, blades, optional dynamic converter, yaw gears, main shaft, transformer and switchgear, CPU, phase compensation and tower damper. The rotor has a diameter of 82m. The cut-in wind speed of the IEC IIB is 3.5m/s and the nominal wind speed is 13m/s. The IEC IIB model’s rated power is 1,650kW.

Source: http://www.windturbinewarehouse.com

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