WaterFurnace Envision 026 Geothermal Heat Pumps from Paradise Geothermal

Paradise Geothermal offers the WaterFurnace Envision 026 geothermal heat pump with dual capacity. The heat pump produces five units of power, for every one unit of electricity it consumes. The geothermal heat pump provides comfortable and consistent cooling as well as heating. With optional zone control system, the temperature of the heat pump can be regulated. The geothermal system offers a complete noise free operation. A single heat pump can provide central air conditioning, heating, and domestic hot water supply.

The WaterFurnace Envision 026 geothermal heat pump harnesses the free solar energy stored under the ground to heat or cool home. The heat pump does not emit harmful greenhouse gases, as it does not burn fossil fuel. The initial investment spent in the installation of geothermal heat pump is paid back in a few years. The heat pump is computer run tested after it is assembled, to ensure flawless start up.

The WaterFurnace Envision 026 geothermal heat pump does not use natural gas or propane, and so it does not create flames, combustion or fumes. The geothermal heat pump is completely safe without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The geothermal system, provided by Paradise Geothermal, is equipped with high efficient air cleaners that can maintain clean indoor air quality. The air cleaners also remove pollen and dust and avoid them from entering home.

Source: http://www.paradisegeothermal.com

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