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The Woodstove Trading Company Offers Clearview 750 Wood Stoves

The Woodstove Trading Company supplies a range of biomass stoves including the Clearview 750 model, which is manufactured by Clearview Stoves. The free standing wood stove is designed in a traditional style. The biomass stove comprises two large size doors that are double glazed. The wood burning stove features an independent air distribution system that offers up draught as well as down draught. The stove is also equipped with a large hot plate surface that can be used to heat kettle or coffee pot.

Clearview 750 Wood Stove

The Clearview 750 wood stove provides easy ash removal with the help of an ash pan made of stainless steel. The door catch along with adjustable hinges helps the seal on the door to be air tight. The leveling bolts of the stove are also adjustable that enable adjustments on uneven hearths easy. The hot air wash system of the stove provides clean burning. The combustion chamber is made with refractory lining.

The Clearview 750 wood stove is made of heavy steel. The flue of the wood stove is 178mm in diameter and it can be installed either on rear or top. The door handle is made of solid brass and it is removable. The wood stove, provided by The Woodstove Trading Company, is available with low canopy, high canopy and flat top choices. The gross heat output range of the stove is 13 to 15 kilowatts. The dimensions of the wood stove are 755 x 440 x 712mm.


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