Geothermal Heat Pumps Earth-Water 19 - 41 kW Supplied by Eirenew

Eirenew supply PZP heat pumps models such as those in the heat pumps earth-water 19 - 41 kW range. These heat pumps models are compact, modular and are suitable for internal installations in commercial buildings and homes. Providing mono-energetic operations, these geothermal heat pumps can be fixed to existing boilers – gas or oil.

Geothermal Heat Pumps Earth-Water 19 - 41 kW

The heat pumps earth-water 19 - 41 kW, supplied by Eirenew, are suitable for applications such as floor heating, wall heating and for use with radiator systems. The installation of these heat pumps is ideal for colder regions and climates, as water heat pumps cannot be installed there. There is no wastage of time after the installation as they can be immediately operated once the electric supply lines and primary circuits of the heat system are connected. Featuring the equithermic regulation option, these heat pumps, supplied by Eirenew, can control a maximum of three heating circuits.

Once connected to an existing electric, gas or oil boiler, these heat pumps function as the primary sources of heat. The boiler, on the other hand, acts as an additional heat source or a backup. An advantage of the heat pumps earth-water 19 - 41 kW is that it offers consistent and stable performance and efficiency.


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