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Geothermal Heat Pump Installation Services from Geoflex Systems

Geoflex Systems manufactures and installs geothermal heating, cooling, and hot water systems for commercial purpose. The company offers designing, testing, and installation services, and they also provide expert help for the installation of earth loops. Geoflex Systems manufactures different types of heat pumps, namely, water to air heat pumps, water to water heat pumps, dehumidification heat pumps, quad-function heat pumps, and multiflex water to water modularized heat pumps.

Water to air heat pumps utilizes forced air distribution systems, and supply warm and cool air to home or building. Water to water heat pumps produce hot or cold water and are utilized to provide warm water for a radiant flooring system. Water to water heat pumps can be used for swimming pool heating, heating domestic water, and for cooling and heating recovery applications. Quad-function heat pumps are a combination of water to air and water to water heat pumps. Dehumidification heat pumps are utilized to dehumidify air in swimming pools and in applications that require a specific humidity.

GeoSeries in agreement with Geoflex Systems provides installation services for installing Geoflex geothermal heat pumps. GeoSeries provide installation services to install Geothermal heat pumps, geothermal vertical or horizontal closed loop systems, geothermal open well system, ground source heat pumps, hybrid Geothermal heat pumps, and indoor closed heat pumps. GeoSeries helps the customers to choose the geothermal heat pump that suits the specific requirement of the project.


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