CPS-Solar Offers Solar Powered 4-Battery Chargers

CPS-Solar, an alternative energy store, supplies a range of alternative energy products for various applications. The company supplies different models of solar battery chargers, charge controllers, solar panels inverters, low heating and lighting systems, batteries and solar powered gadgets. The solar battery chargers are utilized for charging AA, AAA, C and D NiCAD and NiMH batteries. The solar powered 4-battery charger is designed for charging four AA, AAA, C or D batteries.

Solar Powered 4-Battery Charger

The solar powered battery charger offered by CPS-Solar is available in a compact design to recharge batteries while on the move. It is suitable for recharging batteries during camping expeditions and holidays, and for charging the batteries in toys. The charging time of this solar charger depends on the strength and size of the batteries and the sunshine. The solar powered 4-battery charger is capable of charging four AAA size batteries in 2 hours, four AA size batteries in 4 hours, four C size batteries in 7 hours and four D size batteries in 8 hours.

The solar powered battery charger is diode protected, which stops the battery from discharging. It has a built-in folding stand that captures maximum sunshine when placed at the right angle. The batteries charged using this battery charger can be used for digital cameras, MP3 players and stereos. This solar battery charger is equipped with a plug-in DC output lead to operate small devices such as radios, fans and discmans directly.

Source: http://www.cpssolar.co.uk

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