Dual Condenser Geothermal Heat Pumps from Geothermix Distribution

Geothermix Distribution offers geothermal heating and cooling systems for commercial, residential and industrial applications. The dual condenser heat pump available from the company has a combination of water-to-air heat pump and water-to-water heat pump. The full-condensing heat exchanger or the refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger enables the DC unit to operate as a water-to-water heat pump when the unit is not asking for air heating and cooling. The operation of the DC unit can be reversed either for cool or hot air production basing on the priority of users.

The dual condenser heat pump designed by Geothermix Distribution is suitable for home or business applications such as laundry, kitchen and car wash. It is capable of producing more hot water compared to a conventional desuperheater coil. This DC unit suits a home where the basement or the first floor is made of concrete slab and the rest is made in a conventional style. This heat pump with an off cycle time can be used for radiant floor heating. It can also heat saunas and indoor pools during its off cycle time.

The dual condenser heat pump is available in different horsepower capacities that range from 3HP to 5.75HP. It is offered with either cupro-nickel coaxial coils or 316 stainless steel exchangers. Other features available with this heat pump include thermostatic expansion valve, three-way valve, filter rack, circulation pump, TACO water valves, bi-directional filter-driers, sight glass and a condensate drain.

Source: http://geothermix.com

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