Rutland 913 Wind Chargers from e-Marine

e-Marine provides a range of wind power products including wind generators. The wind generators are available in the following models: Rutland 913, Rutland 503, AirX Marine, AirX Land, Air Breeze Land, Air Breeze Marine and Skystream 3.7. The Rutland 913 wind charger is a high inertia generator, which rotates continuously between gusts of wind and can start at low wind speed.

Rutland 913 Wind Charger

The Rutland 913 wind charger utilizes a specially designed generator to generate energy. Its stator windings are designed without an iron core for lower friction. This allows lower wind speed start-up of the wind generator. To avoid stator failures, the stator coils are enclosed in glass fibers. Two single magnets are molded into glass fiber that eliminates use of multiple magnets. As the Rutland 913 wind charger’s shaft is fixed it minimizes the number of rotating parts.

Wind turbine from e-Marine is made of marine grade materials and constructed throughout with stainless steel fittings. The Rutland 913 wind charger features an automatic thermostat protection for unattended operation and from prolonged strong wind. The stator windings, stator coils and the fixed shaft generates a higher inertia, and the flywheel effect of this inertia produces power between gusts, when the other wing turbines do not capture the wind. The Rutland 913 model needs an external regulator to eliminate overcharging of the battery bank. This wind turbine charges battery, which can be used for various applications such as lights, engine starting, refrigerators, pumps, TV and computers, inverters and navigation equipment.

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