Master Group LP Offers Geo-Storage-80 Geothermal Storage Tanks

Master Group LP supplies a range of geothermal systems such as geothermal heat pumps, storage tanks, zoning systems, and programmable and non-programmable thermostats from WaterFurnace. The GeoTank geothermal storage tank offered by the company is designed to capture preheated water from heat pump. It is engineered for WaterFurnace geothermal systems. This storage tank is offered in 80 or 119 gallon capacity. It provides constant hot water with consistent water temperature. This tank can suit geothermal hydronic systems if it is made with a built-in temperature sensor and 2-inch (R-16) insulation.

Geo-Storage-80 Geothermal Storage Tanks

The Geo-Storage-80 geothermal storage tank has a pair of 1-inch connection on its top for trouble-free operation, and for easy installation in geothermal hot water assist systems. It incorporates 1-1/2-inch FPT re-circulating side connections for water-to-water heat pumps. There is a factory-installed thermistor, housed in lower access panel, for precise tank set-point control. This storage tank supplied by Master Group LP is equipped with two aluminum anode rods to protect against corrosion. It has a brass tamper-resistant drain valve to provide a longer service life compared to plastic valves.

The Geo-Storage-80 geothermal storage tank is equipped with a Sandhog 4500W Incoloy steel heating element with a lower watt density. This heating element can last longer than the standard copper heating elements. This tank offered by Master Group LP has a storage capacity of 80 gallons. It measures a height of 63-1/4 inches and a diameter of 24 inches, and weighs 204 pounds.


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