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Specialty Concepts Offers Automatic Sequencing Charger Photovoltaic Controllers

Specialty Concepts provides a range of photovoltaic charge controllers. The Automatic Sequencing Charger is a charge controller that is specifically designed for photovoltaic systems that operate utilizing current up to 16 amperes. It is available in two voltage versions of 12 volts and 24 volts. It also includes various optional features such as battery temperature compensation, low-voltage load disconnects and user adjustable setpoints. This battery charge controller from Specialty Concepts is suitable for solar electric power systems with one to four solar panels. The inclusion of the Automatic Sequencing Charger protects batteries from overcharging.

Automatic Sequencing Charger Photovoltaic Controller

This photovoltaic charge controller from Specialty Concepts has a rugged design and is completely encapsulated, providing protection against diverse weather conditions. It consumes low power and incorporates various other features that include lighting protection, reverse leakage protection, input noise suppression and rugged circuitry.

The temperature compensation feature of the Automatic Sequencing Charger is suitable for instances when the batteries are sealed or when the batteries are subjected to temperature variations of more than +/-10 degrees centigrade from the normal temperature of 25 degrees centigrade during charging. The other optional feature, which is the low-voltage disconnect, provides protection to the battery from damage caused due to low voltage either by stopping the battery charging or by alerting a standby generator to start functioning. The solar charge controller from Specialty Concepts operates in temperature conditions ranging from -40 degrees centigrade to +50 degrees centigrade, while it has a storage temperature ranging between -55 degrees centigrade and 85 degrees centigrade.

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