Solar-Powered Charging Station for Electric Vehicles Installed by Coulomb Technologies in Hawaii

Coulomb Technologies has installed its first ChargePoint Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles in Honolulu, Hawaii. This solar powered charging station at Green Energy Outlet, a supplier of eco-friendly materials, was installed and will be maintained by WindChargeUSA, Coulomb’s distributor in Hawaii. This is the second electric vehicle charging station to be installed in Hawaii that utilizes renewable energy sources. The wind-turbine station is used for charging electric vehicles owned by MECO.

The charging station in Honolulu is part of ChargePoint Network, which can be accessed by all drivers of plug-in vehicles. Through multiple web-based portals, fleet managers, drivers, hosts and utilities can have real-time control and authentication for the networked charging stations. Some of the features in the ChargePoint Network include: notification through email or SMS of the charging status; through smart phones, unoccupied charging stations’ location; access authentication to prevent energy theft; and authorized energizing for safety.

To have access to the network of charging stations, plug-in drivers should obtain smart cards either by signing up for monthly access plan or by making a toll free call. Some of the payment options being explored include smart (RFID) credit or debit card, standard debit or credit card to pay for charging sessions.


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