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GLOBAL Solar Ovens Provided by Sun Ovens International

Sun Ovens International offers a range of solar ovens that include the GLOBAL and VILLAGER brands. The GLOBAL sun oven has a rugged design and total weight of 9.5 kilograms. This oven cooks the food using the energy obtained from the sun and is suitable for meeting about 70 per cent of the demands of a family of six to eight people. The GLOBAL sun oven has the capability to boil, steam, roast as well as bake the food at normal cooking temperatures of 182 degree centigrade.

GLOBAL Solar Oven

The solar oven from Sun Ovens International comprises different components that include an inbuilt thermometer, a spill-proof levelator, collapsible reflectors, a self contained leveling leg and a Granite ware three quart cooking pot. The reflectors of the oven can be removed as and when required, facilitating easy transportation and storage. The usage of the GLOBAL sun oven minimizes the dependence on fossil fuels such as dung, charcoal and wood. The materials used for designing this solar oven from Sun Ovens International have been carefully selected, keeping in mind their ability to work under high temperatures as well as retain a maximum amount of heat within the oven.

The GLOBAL solar oven cooks food at a higher temperature when compared to other solar cooking devices. This cost effective cooking device is known for its durability and capability to cook food even when there in minimal sunlight.


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