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VILLAGER SUN OVEN Solar Ovens Manufactured by Sun Ovens International

Sun Ovens International manufactures solar ovens. The VILLAGER SUN OVEN has a rugged design and the capability to withstand high cooking temperatures of more than 500 degree Fahrenheit. With the Easy Track feature, the VILLAGER SUN OVEN can keep a track of the sunlight and adjust itself accordingly. This solar oven from Sun Ovens International is a trailer mounted unit that enables easy storage and transportation. The reflector of this oven can be folded that further eases the storage It takes a maximum time of approximately 10 minutes to install this oven, while the dismantling time is as less as five minutes.


The VILLAGER SUN OVEN has different heights it is trailer mounted or ground mounted. The height of the oven is 109.5 inches when it is mounted on the trailer. The height reduces to 99 inches when it is mounted on the ground. The width of the VILLAGER SUN OVEN is 25.8 square feet at bezel and it is 14.7 square feet at the base. The solar oven from Sun Ovens International has a total weight, which includes both oven and trailer weight, of 980 pounds. The cooking chamber of this oven covers a total area of 7 cubic feet, while the cooking shelf covers 6.53 square feet.

The solar oven from Sun Ovens International is specifically designed for large-scale feeding requirements. The trailer of the VILLAGER SUN OVEN has a deck with size of 4 feet X 6 feet and width of 64 inches. Some of the accessories available with this solar oven include two propane tanks, one trailer leveling leg, three oven thermometers, two jack stands and one trailer dolly.


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