Nordex Offers N100 (2.5MW) Wind Turbines

Nordex manufactures different models of wind turbines, namely N100 (2.5MW), N90 (2.5MW), N90 (2.3MW), N80 (2.5MW), S77 (1.5MW), S70 (1.5MW), N60 (1.3MW) and N90, which is an offshore model. The N100 (2.5MW) wind turbine is designed for inland areas. It is equipped with 49m long rotor blades and has a rotor diameter of 100m. This wind generator is IEC-3a-certified.

N100 (2.5MW) Wind Turbine

The Nordex N100 (2.5MW) wind turbine is constructed for moderate and low wind conditions. The N100 is grid compatible and is available in 50Hz and 60Hz version. This wind turbine can be mounted on a 100m steel tube towers. The rotor diameter is the key feature that differentiates each turbine type. The rotor diameter of the N100 wind turbine is 100m.

The N100 wind turbine is equipped with a Nordex Control 2. This Nordex Control 2 offers visualization of relevant data and turbine control. This wind generator achieves high yields with its rated power from 13m/s, cut-in wind speed of 3m/s and cut-out wind speed of 20m/s. Its rotor comprises three rotor blades, which are made of glass fiber-reinforced polyester, slewing rings and drives used for adjusting the rotor blades, and a hub. The rotor blades have a length of 48.7m and weighs 9,800kg. This wind turbine from Nordex incorporates double-fed asynchronous generator. It utilizes two brakes, rotor blade pitch and hydraulic disc brake.


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