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EcoDirect Offers Attic Breeze AB 202A Shingle Roof Solar Attic Fans

EcoDirect supplies solar powered attic fans. The solar powered attic fans are available under three categories, namely shingle roof solar attic fans, flat/tile roof solar attic fans and gable mount solar attic fans. The Attic Breeze AB 202A shingle roof solar attic fan incorporates a 20W solar panel, zincalume alloy vent housing, thermal switch, ultra-quiet 14 inch fan and rodent guard. It is available in heavy-duty painted finish in brown, black or gray.

AB 202A Shingle Roof Solar Attic Fan

The AB 202A shingle roof solar attic fan can move hot attic air up to 1350cfm. The self-flashing vent housing is designed to suit shingled roofs. This solar attic fan provided by EcoDirect is designed to provide efficient ventilation for homes having southern-southwestern exposure. There is a thermal switch included with the solar powered attic fan to control the fan’s operation based on the attic’s temperature. The thermal switch reduces attic heat loss in winter.

The solar panel attached with the AB202A shingle roof solar attic fan has a rated nominal power of 20W and 1.2A. It is available in a length of 19.8 inches, width of 16.7 inches and height of 1.3 inches, and constructed with aluminum. The solar fan has a rated capacity of 38V DC and has variable speed. It has a depth of 1.5 inches and height of 4 inches, and is made of stainless steel motor body along with sealed ball bearings. High efficient fan blades provide 1350cfm airflow and they are made of aluminum. The vent housing is constructed with 24 gauge zincalume.


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