AB 201A Solar Attic Fans from EcoDirect

EcoDirect supplies a range of solar energy products such as solar attic fans, solar charge controllers, inverters, marine solar products, RV solar products and batteries. Solar attic fans are designed to reduce users’ electricity bills, increase the longevity of the roof and eliminate moisture build up. These attic fans are available in three categories, namely shingle roof solar attic fans, flat/tile roof solar attic fans and gable mount solar attic fans. The Attic Breeze AB 201A solar attic fan is a 20W shingled roof fan that comes attached with a panel. It offers an air movement of 1350 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is available in a 14-inch size.

The AB 201A solar attic vent features a zincalume alloy vent housing, thermal switch, 20W solar panel, 14-inch fan and rodent guard. The attic vent housing of the solar attic vent is suitable for shingled roofs. This self-flashing attic fan is designed for residential applications. The AB 201A solar attic fan is equipped with a thermal switch to control the fan’s operation based on the temperature. The thermal switch reduces attic heat loss in colder months and increases the run life of the fan.

The solar panel, which comes with the AB 201A solar attic fan, has a rating of 1.2A/17.3V. It is available in a length of 19.8 inches, width of 16.7 inches and height of 1.3 inches. The solar panel is made of aluminum and it is attached to the vent housing. It has a height of 4 inches and depth of 1.5 inches. The body of the motor is made of stainless steel along with sealed ball bearings. There are five fan blades with the solar attic fan supplied by EcoDirect. These blades are made of aluminum and have a depth of 14 inches. The vent housing is designed to withstand winds of up to 110mph.

Source: http://www.ecodirect.com/

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