Creating Electricity from Normal Everyday Traffic

This week in Washington, DC (March 4-7) at the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference, a company co-founded by two former College Lacrosse teammates will try to gain attention for their patent pending technology for converting moving traffic into electricity. They believe this practical and logical technology has the potential to solve a large portion of the world's energy crisis.

Our system and method creates electricity from normal everyday traffic. Vehicles need no alteration. All power generated is to be sent to the grid which runs along the highways typically. The company is seeking to further develop this technology and implement within 18 months. (Magkinetics)

They are confident that if they can continue working with Physicists and Engineers to develop the technology further, this technology will lower Green house gas emissions, create unlimited electricity, create thousands of jobs and eliminate the need to alter the landscape as other renewable technologies require. The implementation of the technology for generating electricity is "built into the road itself." "Without any modification to the traveling vehicle, driving options or personal freedoms, our technology can be used to produce clean, efficient, and substantial electrical energy from merely driving in the normal course," said the inventor and business partner co-founder, Mark Nejmeh.

If these two Laxmen are correct, they could score quite a goal. To learn more about their company visit the show, booth 1052 or visit Not bad for a Goalie and an Attackman working together!

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