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SLG-300 Wind Turbines from USA Solar + Wind

USA Solar & Wind provides wind turbines manufactured by Synergy. The SLG-300 wind turbine consists of a three blade variable axis rotor, which has been fixed in a downwind orientation. This rotor has a diameter of 20 meters with a total swept area of 314 square meters. The rotor of this wind turbine operates at a maximum speed of 44 rotations per minute. It has a tilt control power regulation option. The hub is manufactured using ductile cast iron.

SLG-300 Wind Turbine

The wind turbine from USA Solar & Wind is installed on guyed towers with a hub height of 24.6 meters. It consists of an induction generator that generates a rated power of 35 kilowatts at a synchronous speed of 44 rotations per minute. This generator operates using a voltage of 415 volts or 480 volts. The SLG-300 wind turbine comprises three blades in a total weight of 150 kilograms. These blades are made of fiberglass materials. This wind turbine produces a rated power of 300 kilowatt hours on a daily basis and has a cut-in wind speed of 3 meters per second.

The SLG-300 wind turbine incorporates other features such as right angle helical gearbox with a ratio of 1:17. This turbine has pneumatic release type brake system. The yaw system incorporated in the wind turbine from USA Solar & Wind is of the passive type with a turret bearing.


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