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Vortex Solar Pool Heating Systems from Solar Direct

Solar Direct provides a range of solar pool heating systems. The Vortex solar pool heating system is a commercial grade panel having 25% more material than the standard to provide long service life.

Vortex Solar Pool Heating System

The absorber and header of the Vortex solar pool heater are constructed from polypropylene and polyethylene black plastic along with a proprietary UV stabilizer. The absorber consists of four extruded strips heat sealed lengthwise for creating a wetted surface, which is joined to the header. For added strength, a 1/8 inch bead is soldered to the junction of the header and absorber. The header is equipped with a “Subaqueous Diffuser Manifold” that has one each hole per channel to increase the flow of distribution and turbulence.

The Vortex solar pool heating system includes panels, which are connected to the system through EPDM expansion hoses together with stainless steel clamps. It can be attached to the roof or structure using stainless steel hardware and polypropylene 5/8 inch strap. Solar pool heating system offered by Solar Direct can raise temperatures effectively up to a range of 80 degree Fahrenheit. The Vortex solar heater is available in three models, namely, VT48, VT40 and VT32. The VT48 model has a panel output of 45,600Btu/day. Its collector has a length of 144 inches. The width of the absorber is 47.50 inches and the length of the header is 50.75 inches. The VT48 heating system weighs 30lbs when it is dry and 64.3lbs when it is wet. Its fluid capacity is 4.12 gallons.

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