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Sunoptics Prismatic Solar Skylights from High Point Energy

High Point Energy supplies renewable energy products for residential and commercial applications. The Sunoptics prismatic skylight, available from the company, is a daylighting system that uses reflective surfaces to focus natural light and supply internal illumination. This daylighting system saves energy by providing natural light to buildings that function during the day, such as offices, factories, warehouses, schools and retail stores.

The Sunoptics prismatic skylight can replace maximum number of electric lights during daylight hours. It is designed with thermal break frames that are insulated, weather sweeps, and with foam curb seals. This skylight is available in leak-free designs.

Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights

The Sunoptics prismatic skylight provides flicker-free and full-spectrum light. Studies have shown that use of daylighting improved performance in workplace, retail and education facilities. For example, a study conducted by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company showed that students studying in classrooms with daylighting have shown progress in math and reading tests. The daylighting system, from High Point Energy, can increase production, grades and retail sales, quality products, and also reduce absenteeism. Using more number of daylighting systems can minimize construction of new power plants to generate electric power through coal. This skylight system also reduces pollution and energy usage.

The daylighting system is cooler than electric lighting, and reduces the air conditioning costs. When a daylighting system is used in a building, it can reduce installation cost, and also reduce the replacement costs of lamp and ballast.


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